Because we need to, we have to reduce our global emissions with 50% in the next 12 years. We can find solutions together, how to take responsibility for our part, and how we can contribute to be a part of the solution. A part of the future where we use plastic smarter, more innovative and sustainable.

Together we can make it!

Together with clients we figure out which products they use or make today, made of virgin plastic, that we can replace with recycled plastic from the Norwegian marine industry.

Marine waste rope from the Norwegian fish farm industry

Recycled plastic

– granula from marin waste, picked up and made in Norway


– made of Norwegian marine waste.

Tray made for McDonalds made of marine waste

The benefits

The reduction of CO2 emission

Reduce emissions

-CO2 emissions will be reduced by 1,5 to 2 kg, when we recycle 1 kg of plastic!

Reduction of raw oil

Reduces the supply of new oil

– 2 liters of crude oil is required to produce 1 kg of virgin plastic. When we use the plastic we have already created, we dont need to add new oil. 

Clean up of marine waste

Clean up marine waste

– Plastic is a wonderful raw material, but we must not missuse it or let it go to waste. We give it value. 

Eternal life
- circular plastic economy

– we give plastic its rightful place in a circular system. When the tray is waste, we take it back, granulate it again and melt it in to a new tray and return it to its user. 

the team

We are a diverse team who work hard, have passion and ability to think big. We are ranging supporters of the oceans and want to do what we can to ensure future planetary health. All life on earth stems from the oceans, and it is imperative that we act now before it is too late. The team has this rooted in everything we do.

We are collaborating with Norwegian Plastic Recycling AS

contact us

We would love to hear from you, maybe we can make a big impact together!

Email: post@madeof.no

+47 902 16 222

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